I'm a Brazilian living in Vancouver, Canada. I have a master's degree in computer science and yes, machines are eventually gonna replace every job and take over the world. No, you can't upload your mind into a computer because that would be a copy, not the real thing — kinda like teleportation — but that's too much of a Ship of Theseus discussion so there's no real answer. No, I have never come across an actual mainframe at any point in my life, but if you use this term in fiction no one is gonna mind. It's easier to say "I'm hacking the mainframe" than trying to explain some actual computer science concept to an audience that just wants to have fun. Go for it!

I write fiction, and sometimes non-fiction. If you don't mind, hit the follow button — it's a numbers game out there kiddo — and you're gonna help me a ton. As a bonus, you might get something interesting to read every now and then.

If you wanna get in touch with me, I do have a Twitter account with this same handle where I try to interact with people but, since I have no followers — because why would I? — I mostly talk to myself. Which I guess is exactly how people use Twitter anyway.

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