Clever Boy | A flash fiction story

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“Got him,” Maya said into the comms channel, her knee pressing against the back of Agh’s neck.

“Maya,” he spat and scraped his chin against the coarse pavement. “I didn’t realize it was you. This stupid red uniform makes you guys look all the fucking same.”

He laughed and she twisted his arm into an awkward angle making him wince. “Shut up. Where is the injector?”

“She’s all work today, guys,” he announced to the dark alley's nonexistent crowd. “No time to catch up? It’s been a while since you last gave me a beating.”

“It’s been a while since you’ve last been sloppy,” she smirked. “Where did you get the injector?”

“I’m unaware of any injectors, officer,” he groaned. “But I believe a stranger may have put a device in my jacket’s left pocket when I left the subway.”

Reaching into the pocket, her fingers touched a cold cube and the world hid behind a wall of noise. A high-pitched sound pierced into her brain like an army of needles and she clawed at her helmet in a desperate attempt to tear her ears out of her head. She was suddenly alone on the pavement, barely able to open her eyes.

In front of her, a harmless little cube stared with indifference. Battling through the sonic agony, she conjured enough strength to punch the cube. She missed. Tried again. And again. Blind attempts while a million daggers stabbed her brain through her ears. With bleeding fingers, she finally managed to hit the cube, smashing it into a little pile of tiny circuits.

The high-pitched noise turned into a voice screaming in her ear. “Maya, answer me! What’s happening?”

“He’s gone,” she took off her helmet and rubbed her ears. “He had some kind of disruptor thingamajig. Turned my implants into a fucking noise rifle.” She smirked analyzing what was left of the device on the cold pavement. “Clever boy.”

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