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2 min readJun 3, 2022
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The warrior shoved Shit and he dove head-first onto the sea of green moss and low vegetation, sticks and fallen leaves poking his face. The lean warrior was wearing feathers and fur and pieces of wood tied over her body in a mixture of armor and costume. There were six of them, all in similar garments, but each with unique decorations — all armed with primitive-looking weapons.

“Shit!” He turned on the ground to face his aggressor. “Shit’s gotta hunt for Jax. Think Shit never saw you in the trees? You never cared about no stupid fucking bird. What gives?”

The warrior raised her weapon over her head — some kind of stone javelin — and Shit covered his face with his large gorilla forearms.

“Violet, hold,” a digital-sounding voice ordered.

Shit looked up from the ground to see the upside-down figure.

“Shit,” he said. “That’s new.”

Standing tall on top of a moss-covered tree stump, an android held a hand up, her plastic skin covered in the same kind of costume/armor as the others.

“What’s your name, outsider?”

He was still on his back on the ground, looking at an upside-down world where a bot gave orders and asked questions to humans. “Shit’s name is Shit.”

“Fitting,” she stepped down from the stump. “I’m Daisy, nice meeting you, Shit. Tell me, can you carry a message?”

“It depends,” he said. “If it’s real simple, yeah.”

“Oh, it’s a very straight-forward message. No more hunting. Can you tell your friends that?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Good. Violet, make sure he doesn’t get lost on his way out. And Shit,” she crouched, her hand going for his face. He closed his eyes and could hear a little stem break right by his ear. When he opened his eyes she was holding a small flower. “In case it isn’t clear, it’s a new age in the forest,” she brought the flower to her nose and smelled its faint perfume. “And Shit is no longer welcome.”

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